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An outsourcing company dedicated to the intra-European market.


During 2011, Parkit has started to provide machining services with the aim of becoming the service specialist in the region. Parkit’s geographical scope includes the European region, Russia, Baltics and Scandinavia.


Parkit is an independent entity with production floor based in Baltic States. With over 10 highly qualified staff, operating 5 high speed precision machines, this makes Parkit well flexible machining service provider throughout the region and well positioned to create value for clients.


With access to the Parkit equipment pool, technology, industry knowledge and global focus, Parkit is striving to deliver quality, flexibility, reliability, short terms and ease of business for both our small workshop clients and main manufacturing companies.


Why choose Parkit:

-Efficient: Save time and money with 24h processes, intelligent technology, internal quality control and fast, accurate documentation.

-Flexible: Production capacity equipped to manage more frequent parts turnaround by centralising operation in one location (Ventspils) – naturally with the aim at providing a reliable quality products.

-Sustainable: As Europe moves further towards reducing CO2 emissions, Parkit will lead the way in environmental performance by using A class economy efficient machines.


To reach excellent service we use the best skillful and experienced people, provide them with the environment, high quality materials, leading tools and sense of responsibility.


We work towards objective of delivering high quality and affordable prices and confident that our hard work, commitment and relationships with our

clients give us opportunity to achieve great results.

New product development



Whether you are an individual with a great idea or a multinational corporation, ParkIT can assist to bring your concept to the market.

CNC turning & milling



We provide full range of complex CNC turning and milling services and producing just-in-time highly accurate machinery parts at competitive prices.

Packaging and transportation



Together with purchase of our products, we are able to package the product for your company and deliver them to your door.


3-axes mandrel semi auto-matic hydraulic pipe ben-ding machine (SA)

HAAS ST-30 multi-

functional CNC Lathe

HAAS VF-4 multi-functional CNC Milling center

Haas UMC-750

milling machine



1. Introduction –

great to meet you Tell us everything about your needs and wants. We begin with 2-way consultation to introduce ourselves in your product or service

3. Progression –

Proper understanding of your ideas and goals, materials need to be used design and appearance of the finished goods. That info will be used to create top-shelf product.

2. Research – what? where? when?

Proper understanding of your ideas and goals, materials need to be used design and appearance of the finished goods. That info will be used to create top-shelf product.

4. Perfectly made product

we are happy to see your smiles when job is done Our expertise, dedication to technology and innovation brings high standards to everything we create from small stainless steel pins to huge furniture elements used in space industry.




Feel free to contact us about anything….we will be happy to answer every question you have. If you haven't got any questions and like to make

any comment about our product web site or something completely random, you are welcome!

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